Video Production...

Video Production provides a centrally-operated service and optional dedicated green screen or white screen studio space capable of recording high-definition quality video. Recording services include concept development, pre- and post-production services, video recording, and support for open learning projects, promotional videos, and video distribution. Our editing services create professional, polished, and visually dynamic video presentation from footage and images recorded by us, or from other sources.


  • Provides broadcast-quality recording services to the community
  • Offers competitive rates compared to other video production and editing services in the area
  • Multi-Camera high definition filming with standard cameras & tripods or Multi-Camera 4K filming with premium cameras & tripods included in basic service. Minimum service includes 1 camera and 1 professional video operator;
  • Wireless or wired hand-held microphones included in basic service (Qty 2);
  • 1×1 or 2×2 LED light panels are included in basic service (Qty 2);
  • Post-Production editing, archiving and content creation (optional services);
  • Interview filming, product endorsements & testimonials (optional services);
  • Live web streaming services with embedded video players, monetization options, or streaming to a 3rd party landing page (optional services);
  • HD and mobile digital archival services via cloud service or client-supplied flash drive or hard drive available included in basic service.


ESTIMATED PRICING BEGINS AT $650.00 (3 Hour Minimum, no editing, 2 person production crew) OR $900 (3 Hours, 2 person production crew, and 10 hours of limited editing) – *See your contract for specific details, equipment needs, and the final contract price.

NOTE:  Final video is delivered as a digital file in HD, SD & mobile format via cloud service or flash drive.  DVD or Blu-ray disk is an additional cost.  Nevada Sales Tax of 8.375% is not included (Tax-exempt status must be presented at the time of contract signing).

Note:  Additional wireless Microphones, Lighting, Sound System, Projectors, Teleprompter, Field Monitors/Screens, Camera Jib, Sliders, Gimble, Steady-Cam, RoninStablizer, Live Video Streaming, or other equipment are extra – see your contract or talk to your account representative for final details.

Live Video Streaming...

The Live Video Streaming service provides full-service support for webcasts of live events, such as global symposia or commencement exercises. The audience for these online shared videos can be focused and small, or broadly promoted and huge. The Penn Video team offers network solutions to ensure success for any sized event. In addition to providing technical support for online streaming video, the Live Video Streaming service can assist with strategy development and consultation on how to plan a webcast video event, and develop and promote it to build an engaged audience.


  • Sharing video online using live “webcasts” is an efficient, cost-effective, and impactful way to expand the reach of important messages, content, and events
  • Streaming content can be incorporated into an existing School or Center website so that the content is viewed within an appropriate contextual framework, and without leaving the original web page
  • Live streaming services broadcast events across the globe as they occur for parents and friends to view



I have always been an inquisitive techy. I was born and raised by my mom, in Los Angeles who taught my brother and me, morals and integrity. We both became lifeguards ad caring for the livelihood of others. We would spend lots of time at the city pool and the beaches. she would insist that we go outside rather than staying inside to watch TV. I was fortunate to have my grade school teacher to also pour into my life. I learned how to play Chess, Tennis, and was afforded the opportunity to experience the great outdoors on numerous camping trips. It was during these camping trips that I got exposed to photography where I was placed in charge of the camera.

Fast forward it wasn’t until after I joined the United States Air Force and was stationed overseas in England, UK, that those dormant skills and love for photography resurfaced and proved to be a staple in my life. I purchased my first point and shoot camera as I set out to document my tour in England and the pictures were amazing. Soon after I purchased my first Minolta SLR film camera (yes I said film) and that’s where the challenge began forcing me to learn everything about photography from lighting, colors, composition, ISO, Shutter Speeds, and Apertures. With this camera, I actually photographed my very first wedding in England at the request of a military brother/Teammate.

After finalizing this wedding project, there wasn’t anything else I could imagine myself doing! I ended up going even deeper into photography, both during my remaining time in England and at my next duty station located in Las Vegas, Nevada and I haven’t turned back since! Capturing someone’s love story felt so significant to me and I haven’t stopped since!


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