Video Production Services

How Do I Choose?

How do I choose the right video production company? The team at PRIMETYME PRODUCTIONS understands the stress of choosing the right video production or live streaming company.  After all, you have been tasked with finding an organization that can both meet and exceeds your companies’ expectations.  We can help you start the process of finding the “one” by asking the right questions and seeking the best information that in the end will help you reach your goal.

Share Your Vision And See How The Company Reacts…

You are often excited about the project you are undertaking.  Sharing that vision is the first step into seeing how your potential video production company will work to create your next video event.  HOWEVER, it is the reaction you should look for that will be the most telling:  1.)  Do they take an interest in your project by asking open-ended questions, 2.)  Do they delve into the specifics of your project (your target audience, your production goal, why you are creating the video), 3.) Do they ask about your timetable and expectation for when the project should be completed?

Companies that focus on “price first” may have their priorities in the wrong place.  Before the talk of price comes up, see if the potential company shows a genuine interest in “what you are creating” before they start determining “how much” they want to charge.